Sunday, October 7, 2007

Over 1,000 Stores and Counting....Get Rebates Too!


Over 1000 stores and counting. Yes, you can shop almost anywhere with MyPowerMall. Plus get paid rebates on everything you buy. What can be better than that!

  • It's not MLM.

  • It's not Network Marketing.

  • It's not an Affiliate program.

  • It simply doesn’t fit any standard business model that most people use to achieve financial freedom.

Our Founder & CEO, Ginny Dye, spent years working in the MLM industry as a leader and trainer. She walked away from it in 2002, discouraged by what she knew to be true – that 97% of the people who join an MLM will fail. She simply could no longer introduce a company to someone, knowing that most of them would fail. It bothered her too much to see people who were excited and committed to changing their lives fail because they were working within a system that was not created for them to truly succeed.

With the creation of MY POWER MALL, she knew she had a way to create success for anyone by simply harnessing the power of online spending. She had already spent almost five years creating a powerful computer system that she was using in other endeavors. MPM is simply an additional way of using her $500,000 system to help individuals create financial freedom.

MPM is a 9-Tier Shopping Rebate System.

  • It is completely FREE – with no cost to whoever wants to join MPM.

  • There is nothing to sell. Each member simply shops on the 1000+ stores on their own Power Mall, with shopping rebates paid through 9 Shopping Tiers on every purchase made
    from our millions of products.

  • There are none of the “Qualification Games” that make success so difficult to obtain in other business models.

  • There are no meetings or presentations to learn.

  • Every member can achieve significant financial income within the first 3-4 Shopping Tiers, with real wealth coming as it continues to grow.

  • The MPM Business Model is built on one main concept – KEEP IT SIMPLE!

People are invited to have their own FREE online Power Mall. All they do is shop and then invite others to have their own FREE Mall. As people shop for things they are going to buy anyway, everyone receives a % of the shopping rebates.

MPM has a primary principle that guides every decision Ginny makes. Everything has to be Win/Win. It’s only a good decision if it is good for everyone it impacts. MPM went through several different versions before Ginny was convinced she had created the model that would ensure success for everyone.

Get YOUR own Power Mall Today! Get paid for shopping and earn an income too! It is totally FREE!


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