Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Does Paris Hilton Have any Sense? Fashion or Otherwise!

Free as a Bird and straight to Hawaii…

Like splashing in the surf and of course working on her tan! Basically as soon as Paris Hilton caught her breath from her revealing Larry King interview she hopped on the first flight out of La-La Land and headed straight for Maui, Hawaii. Spotted on the shore on June 29 wearing a teenie weenie bikini with an exotic print (Maya Swimwear and Letarte Swimwear make bikinis with similarly striking prints perfect for catching waves as well as the attention of fellow beach-goers), Paris definitely seems to be enjoying her newfound freedom.

What some people do not seem to be enjoying, however, are some of Paris’ answers to questions Larry King asked her in their much-discussed interview last week. When asked if she had ever been addicted to, or even taken, drugs, Paris replied with a firm “no”. Um, did Paris forget the whole Paris Exposed scandal? There was tons of photographic and filmed evidence that Paris has smoked pot (at the very least).

In one of the vids, Paris (who is filming) says to a friend, "Dude, we're smoking pot if you guys want to smoke." In another, she tells sister Nicky that she has “the best pot. You wanna smoke pot? I have the best pot.” And she sure sounds proud of that! Oh, Paris- anyone with a pulse knows that you’ve probably dabbled in drugs, you should have taken this opportunity to say something like “yes, I’ve done drugs in the past, but now I know how life-damaging they can be," or something to that extent.

Live and learn!

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