Sunday, April 15, 2007

JLO Spring 2007 Fashion Show

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To Make Way for the New Spring 2007 Line

Latina singer/actress Jennifer Lopez ignores the fashion choices of her younger Hollywood counterparts, insisting the stars "don't know what they're doing."

As a fashion designer with her two collections J.Lo By Jennifer Lopez and Sweetface, Lopez is just as dedicated to style as ever - but does not turn to 20-something actresses and socialites
for inspiration.

When Jennifer Lopez was asked by Harper's Bazaar magazine what she thinks of the dress sense of Nicole Richie, Keira Knightley and Scarlett Johansson, Lopez replies, "I don't spend much time thinking about 'those girls.' Fame is very intoxicating. You don't realize what you're doing when you're young."

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

So You Want to be a Fashion Model?

Have You ever Thought about Becoming A
Fashion Model?

Do you think you have what it takes for that kind of job? The typical fashion model travels to exotic places, models the latest clothes, fashions, and accessories from top designers, and can even be featured in various magazines, which of course can also then lead to being pursued by manufacturers for you to do product endorsements.

But that is typically not where a fashion model STARTS. Like anything else, a fashion model or teen model usually starts significantly lower on the totem pole while they are gaining visibility with potential clients and top modeling agencies around the world. But if you are willing to "pay your dues", the rewards can be fabulous from many perspectives, including travel, mingling with celebrities, attending exclusive events, and of course from a financial perspective. Top models can earn upwards of thousands of dollars per day.

Fashion modeling is no longer limited to just the "perfect" people anymore with the great looks, superb hair, and a Barbie-doll figure. Particularly in recent years, the fashion designers have started to realize that by only targeting the "perfect" people, they were ignoring a large portion, indeed a MAJORITY, of the audiences they could potentially target to sell their merchandise, accessories, and fashions.


That being the case, there is also a market for fashion models that almost spans the entire range of types of people; i.e., the petite, the "plus size", the teen, the "mature", and yes even the retiree crowd. Think about it, all those types of people have money also, and are willing to spend it if they are aware of the possibilities and availability of their products. And selling their creations and fashions is what they are in business for! To become a successful fashion model today, you no longer need to be limited to the group that is about 5 foot 8 inches tall at 120 pounds with perfect bouncy hair and about 22 years old.

There are many types of modeling jobs available, and virtually any of them would be a good start for someone with the motivation and desire to get into some of the top spots and top agencies. There is catalog modeling, runway modeling, showroom modeling, promotional or trade show modeling, television modeling, as well as print modeling like in newspapers or magazines.

TooSpoiled is the world's fastest growing social network. Launched in July 2006, TooSpoiled has over 100,000 registered users. This also makes TooSpoiled the largest and fastest growing modeling and acting website on the internet.
TooSpoiled is a combination modeling/acting website and social network. By providing a fun environment for models and actors to interact and find work, TooSpoiled has attracted a lot of attention since its recent launch.
Make no mistake about it, it is a tough market and there will likely be some long hours involved. But for those with the motivation and desire to succeed in this very competitive industry, the rewards can far outweigh the negatives.

I am a Casting Manager for TooSpoiled. If you are serious about getting started as a Model or an Actor, I'll be more than happy to help you get started.

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