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Vintage Clothes Ebook

Vintage Clothes Ebook

Download your ebook or PDF now: Vintage Clothes
by Pauline Weston Thomas only $15.00

20 Sections totalling over 100 pages when printed on A4. Copyright 2001-2005Vintage Clothes Ebook by Pauline Thomas of Fashion-era

The aim of my ebook is to give you tips and to help you understand vintage fashion. As you read the pages so you will develop your own approach presenting, selling and collecting Vintage clothing. The principles apply to dresses and accessories of any era. I will also give you examples of quality vintage items from several respected internet vintage sellers.

I will share with you my verification of costume knowledge. As you turn the pages, so you will gain and understanding of the vintage/antique market. This should start you thinking about the implications of going into vintage. The ebook covers tips on preparation for sellers, how to photograph to best effect using a mannequin. In particular I will advise you on cleaning old garments and shipping items to customers. We also look at vintage from the buyers perspective and analyze how to assess a garments condition.

In the ebook we will explore what is vintage, covering aspects from antique to Retro, through to re-enactment and Repro. I will pose a few questions, the answer to which should point you to the best vintage era to start collecting. We will use the 1950's as an example to see how to collect quality items from a particular era.

Most importantly, you can easily print out the book as a whole book using either a PDF file or a Microsoft Word copy link on the printer friendly page. Download the ebook and print out the 100+ pages or read the pages offline in your browser.

Vintage Ebook

Vintage c.1950 dress by Mainbocher from

Hand Coloured Engraving 1831 La Belle Assemblée

Edwardian Mixed Lace Gown

1920s Trapunto Quilted Hat.

Picture of vintage handbag clearly displayed.

Find out about these period clothing items and what they meant to Americans at that time.

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