Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Piercing All In the Name of Fashion

It has never ceased to amaze me how we often take everything to the extremes in order to be the best of the best when it come to making a fashion statement.

Take for instance the new fashion trend of piercings. At first it was that everyone had to have his or her ears pierced. Then it turned into more than one hole in each ear. When did it go from three to ten.? That's right, I have seen many women with as many as ten holes in each ear. Now that is a little extreme.

Then the start of piercing the lips, nose, nipples, belly button and who knows what else also became fashionable. I have heard rumors, and I am sure you have too! And lets not forget the tongue. How can anyone pierce their tongue. I hate to even get a blister on my tongue, it is so painful, indeed.
Not to mention the amount of jewelry that is needed to compliment all of these holes in the body. It makes it so unimportant to get a pair of earrings when you actually needed 10 pairs. Or how do you find a ring for someones belly button? I have yet to go into a department store and see a display for them.The fact is this is making it awfully hard to figure out those who are just ordinary folks from the ones that are bikers, or punk rockers, or just plain thugs. Everyone seems to be getting into this fad.

What are these folks going to do when they turn 50 or 60 years old and all of those holes are letting out some of the good nutrients and letting in a lot of germs. It is difficult enough to stay healthy without putting holes in your body that can become infected or just be a nuisance when it comes to hygiene and proper body care.

I hope these folks think of this when they are standing in the mall trying to think of another place to put an extra hole in their bodies.

Next I'll have to think about tattoos, which is another crazy idea. Not only is it painful, but how awful it must look on an old swiveled up body. That's something to look forward to as a senior citizen, a wrinkled Betty Bop, or Mickey Mouse, or Snake all over your back and belly. And what are Belly Pockets? You can read about it, if you'd like. Just Click the book title on your left. You'll say Wow!

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What happened to good Fashion Sense when it comes to our bodies? How can one be so particular about clothes and careless about their bodies? Do you have piercings? How about tattoos?

P.S. I have three holes in each ear....Cool huh?

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